The 10 Weeks to 10 Push-ups Fitness Challenge



Do you have trouble staying consistent with your exercises?
Do you set fitness goals and have trouble reaching them?
Do you want to be stronger?

The 10 Weeks to 10 Push-ups Fitness Challenge attacks these issues!

Progressive phases and gentle reminders help keep you consistent
Swipe left or right to easily pick the exercise difficulty level
As you get stronger, see your improvement in your progress report

About the App

Push-ups are one of the most well known exercises you can do. They’re convenient because they don’t require any equipment and there is a variation that YOU CAN DO no matter what your fitness level.

This application is designed to take you from your current level of push-up, to doing 10 push-ups in a row, on your toes, with proper form.

It’s super simple! Just create your account and your first day exercises pops up. If you find an exercise too easy swipe left to make it harder. If you find it too hard, swipe right to make it easier. If at any time you feel like you’re ready to move up a phase, just tap the phase button to level up.

Afraid of forgetting to do your workout?
Don’t worry we have a handy alarm system so you can stay on track!

Worried about staying motivated?
When you’re finished your workout for the day, just mark it as complete and check your progress report to see all your personal bests.

Worried about doing the exercises properly or hurting yourself?
We have detailed GIF images showing you exactly how to do each exercise and explanatory videos of all the key exercises, so you can feel confident with your form and progress safely.

We’ve already helped thousands of people improve their push-ups!

– Set Your Goal
– Join Our Team
– Get Better at Push-ups

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