Being healthy and living an active lifestyle shouldn’t be a struggle or a hassle for you. We help you take control of your fitness and exercise to make it a sustainable part of your life.

Why we started?

Jonathan started the company in 2007 because he wanted to help people make sustainable changes towards a healthy and more active lifestyle.

Exercising is hard.

You don’t know what exercises are best for you or your goals and the last thing you want, is to get injured doing something that is supposed to make you healthier.
Maybe you’re frustrated that you start an exercise program then you can’t make it stick, even if you are seeing progress.
Maybe you lose a little bit of weight only to see it come back on and you think to yourself ‘there has to be an easier way’ … and there is.

How we’re different?

With Fitness For Freedom we help you build a system that works for you, based on your lifestyle. We start by picking out 1 thing to change and just stick with it. Then in a few months we add 1 more and so on and so on. Then before you know it, you have begun to develop a system for being healthy. You’ve changed you’re lifestyle. This is the key to long term results and this is what we look to do with every single client we work with. How will your life be different not only 3 months from now but 3 years from now because you’ve made the ‘right’ changes that work for you!

How we work?

As an in home personal training company, we come to you! Our trainer’s will train you in your home, office, or even your local park. We believe making fitness more accessible to you, will give you a higher chance of success. We start each new client with a personal assessment, where we discuss goals, previous medical history or other concerns. The second part of that assessment is a functional movement assessment, which involves basic movements, muscles imbalance and flexibility testing. This allows our trainer to develop a program specifically for YOU! No two people are the same and your workout should reflect that. We constantly change your program as you progress, so you are constantly challenged and getting the best workout for you!

Guiding Principles

  • We put our clients first, listen and care.
  • Anti-fad and long term results driven.
  • Being approachable and understanding
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