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You see personal trainer’s all the time on T.V, in magazines and online. You want to make sure you’re getting information and training from a trusted source but are unsure what to look for. We cover what makes a personal trainer the right fit for you and cover fitness trends you should watch. We don’t want you to have a bad experience with a personal trainer or a fitness company. If you have had or have a bad personal training experience it hurts our entire industry, because you will think all personal trainers and fitness companies are the same. We want you to have a good personal training experience, regardless of which company that is with. Making you healthier is our goal regardless of the path you choose.

Is Your Personal Trainer Educated?

Personal Trainer Ottawa in home Written by Jonathan

Is Your Personal Trainer Educated in Kinesiology? Having a Degree or Diploma in Kinesiology, Exercise Science or Health Promotion does not guarantee the personal trainer you are thinking about working with is the best available. […]

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