Episode 288 – How to Get Out of an Exercise Funk

Written by Jonathan

Now-What-Sheri – A few years ago I trained for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. I was 49 and successful! A big bucket list check mark. Since then my exercise habits have gone downhill, become sporadic and sometimes nonexistent. I just can’t seem to find that motivation. I expected it for a few months after achieving my goal, but it’s now going on for a few years. Any suggestions for getting out of this exercise funk?

Starting my Journey – Right now I’m definitely not in shape to be doing much exercise – I was wondering if yoga is a good starting point for me. Does yoga have any other benefit for you than your flexibility? Should I look elsewhere to start getting fit?

Sean – There was a period of time where I was really sick so I stopped exercising and I lost some of my progress. I think I’ve more or less got back to where I was, but was it a mistake to completely stop exercising while I was ill?




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