How to Complete Parallel Bars Like a Boss

Written by Olivier

This obstacle is not easy and requires a good level of upper body strength. Ideally, once you approach the obstacle and mount the bars with both arms, make sure they are straight and try to control the swinging of your body/legs from left to right. It is easier to perform with your arms locked out and then walk using your hands along the length of the bars.

Some people will need to rest their legs on the bars, while this option is ok please note that it is much slower and may not be as pratical if there’s a long line up in front or behind you.

How to Attack The Dip Bars 

If you are able to do a good number of push ups or even a few dips then this obstacles should be easier for you.

A quick way to get across the obstacle if to dynamically propel yourself forward. As you do a lower yourself in to a dip using your arms (without touching the ground with your feet obviously) push up as hard as you can w a few inches further and repeat the process until you complete the length of the horizontal bars.

Getting stronger and improving your dips is important in order to not waste any time completing this obstacle. Include explosive dips or weighted dips as a progression in your training, if you are able to perform at least 15 well executed body weight dips.

How to Warm-up For Dips

Are Dips Too Hard – Try These ‘Easier’ Exercises!

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