How to do the Low Crawl Exercise

Written by Olivier

A low crawl is a very common obstacle that is part of almost every Obstacle Course Race in some capacity, sometimes you might have to go under something aggressive like barbed wire, something slimy like mud, narrow like a tunnel and the race might even be set up in way that forces you to crawl through any of these obstacles uphill, yikes! It is important that you’re able to get and stay low to ground for really long distances, 10, 25 and sometimes 50 metres. Imagine crawling in mud under barbed wire for 50 metres, most people don’t even like walking from the back of the parking lot at the store, which is done on your feet.
When approaching the obstacle, look at the height of it off the ground, adjust your pace and manner of navigating through it (i.e. roll sideways to save energy or crawling on elbows/knees and crawling on feet/hands such as a bear crawl). Aim for the highest point of the barbed wire or cargo net, as this will leave you more room to maneuver.

Bear crawl variations, lateral push ups walk, army crawl (from forearms, superman push up or mountain climber.

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