How to Navigate Across the Balance Beam

Written by Olivier

Balance beams come in different styles during races. Navigating across it may be difficult for the obstacle could be only a few inches wide arranged in a zigzag manner, or be something wobbly or loose. The distances or types of beams (logs, planks etc.) vary often and could even take place above water so it is important to take your time, as the surfaces may be wet.

Here are some tips to “not waste time and clear the obstacle successfully”:

– Look a few feet ahead of you or towards the end of the balance beam and move quickly across it.

– I do not recommended looking straight down as that may interfere with your ability to stay on the obstacle.

– Raise your arms by your side for it may help navigate across the beam.
– Do not hesitate and keep moving forward (momentum is key).

– Lastly, if there are too many people on the beam it may be best to wait until the others are finished to reduce shaking.

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