The Low Fat Roasted Chickpea Recipe

Written by Jonathan

This simple roasted chickpea recipe is a delicious substitute for nuts. Sure, nut fat is healthy fat, but if you eat too many it will still end up on your body as fat. It’s why we recommend this roasted chickpea recipe as an alternative. They’re just as tasty and have way less calories than nuts.

– Put canned or cooked chickpeas on parchment on a cookie sheet (not just for cookies)
– Optional lightly oil them with olive oil
– Season to taste with salt, garlic and onion powder
– Cayenne Pepper if you like a spicy kick
– If you’re adventurous try other spices as well, this is your snack
– Pre-heat the oven to 400F cook for 20 minutes, then give them a shake on the tray and put them in for another 20 minutes.
– Pro Tip – Let them cool in the oven for added crunch

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