The Perfect Posture Program


Are you concerned you might get ‘Granny Shoulders?’
Do you ever get neck, shoulder or low back pain?
Are you unsure of what exercises to do?

The Perfect Posture Program attacks these issues on all fronts!

Progressive exercises and gentle reminders help keep you consistent!
Swipe left or right to easily pick your exercise difficulty!
We guide you through the exercises as you get stronger!

About the App

We all recognize that exercise is important in helping you improve your posture. It helps you strengthen muscles that tend to be weak, it improves the mobility of your neck, shoulders, back and hips and looking better doesn’t hurt either 😉 Some of the biggest barriers to exercising consistently are a lack of time, motivation and not understanding what to do. The Perfect Posture Program was built with this in mind. Our goal is to make exercise as easy for you as possible, so that you can stay motivated, consistent and improve your posture.

Our progressive phases slowly increase the number of exercises you do, so you never feel overwhelmed, our swipe feature makes it easy for you to increase or decrease the level of difficulty of an exercise, so you’re always properly challenged and our handy alarm system can be set to go off at the same time everyday, so that you not only stay consistent, but you also build the habit of exercising everyday.

This application is designed to help you improve your posture, make exercise a consistent part of your life and to feel good about the improvements you’re making.

It’s super simple! Just create your account and your exercises pop up. Everyday you open the app you get a new set of exercises to do. If you find an exercise too easy swipe left to make it harder. If you find it too hard, swipe right to make it easier. If at any time you feel like you’re ready to move up a phase, just tap the phase button to level up.

Worried about staying motivated?
When you’re finished your workout for the day, just mark it as complete and check your progress report to see all your personal bests.

Worried about doing the exercises properly or hurting yourself?
We have detailed GIF images showing you exactly how to do each exercise and explanatory videos of the key concepts, so you can feel confident with your form and progress safely.

We’ve already helped thousands of people improve their posture!

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– Get Better Posture

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