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Many people find the gym uncomfortable and getting there can be a hassle. Fitness For Freedom comes right to your house, to give you a personalized experience that literally saves you 30 minutes per workout.

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Clients Success Stories - Olivier
I met with Mr. “X” in February 2013; he was 35 years old. His main goal at this time was to take control of his health with the specific goals: to lose stomach fat (ex: reduce his waist circumference) and get off high blood pressure medication. His long-term goal was to become more healthy overall and to be able to see his young kids grow old while keeping up with them when playing.His main barriers included lack of time from his IT job and over-eating aka. portion control. I suggested that we look more in depth in those areas of his life to see what was causing this behaviour.We realized that he was using eating as a way to cope with his emotions and stressful periods at work.
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