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The fitness podcast that talks to researchers and practitioners to give you the tools you need to stay motivated to stay healthy everyday of your life. We share the stories of real people that wanted to change their lives fore the ‘healthier’ and have made those changes ‘stick’ for the long-term. Now they can’t imagine living any other way. We can’t do the work for you, but we can guide you. Your situation is unique and what works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you, so we want to put some tools and strategies in your ‘kit’ for you to try out. Keep what works and throw away the rest. Before each interview come in with an open mind and be open to change because we want you to think differently about your health and fitness.

The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 18

Dr. Greg Wells – Overcoming the Biggest Barriers to Exercise

greg wells pic

Greg is a machine he’s a researcher at the University of Toronto and Toronto Sick Kids Hospital. He has a consulting company, is a published author, fellow podcaster and Ironman. But if you live in Canada you’ll recognize him from the Olympics, not as an Olympian but as the exercise physiologist that described what was happening inside the athletes bodies as they performed their events, in his Gemini – Award Winning Segment, Superbodies. I could go on but I think we should just get into the interview because it’s a good one. 


Dr. James Dimmock 


Dr. James Dimmock is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Western Australia in Perth. His main areas of focus are in motivation, exercise behavior and sport psychology.  This is one of the most interesting interviews we have done so far not only does Dr. Dimmock talk about his research but he also gives us some practical tactics we can use in our everyday lives to be motivated to exercise a little bit more and a little more vigorously.  I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.


The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 16

Jonathan Chant, R.Kin, CSCS – How to Break Through Barriers When You’re Running


Jonathan talks about how you can break through barriers to improve your running and dominate your runs when you feel like you can’t go any further.

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Map My Run


The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 15

Cassie Dionne – Physiotherapist Talks, Building Movement Patterns to Avoid Injury.


Cassie Dion is a physiotherapist that believes proper movement should come first and is an essential component to proper training, pre-habilitation and  rehabilitation. We talked about her experiences working with clients and how they can achieve better results as well as some of her own personal obstacles she has had to overcome to live her healthiest life possible.


The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 14

Dr. Jefferson Roy – Neuroscience Researcher at MIT Talks Behavior Change

Jefferson Roy is a professor at MIT where he does research on cognitive function and brain chemistry, he sat down with me to talk about how we can change behavior by understanding what makes us tick and designing an action plan about how we can respond differently to situations we’re trying to change.

Dr. Jefferson Roy

Motivation Factor Assessment
The Motivated Brain

The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 13

Jonathan Chant – Every Action You Take Everyday is a Choice

Today we’re going to try something a little bit different, I don’t have a guest today we’re going to talk about the first step you need to take to when you want to make a change in your life, it’s probably different than what you’re expecting so lace up your boots it’s going to be a quick ride.

The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 12

Brent Gallagher – Build Your Life, Not Just A fitness Routine

When you want to make a change in your life, like getting in better shape or becoming healthier sometimes you go straight to exercise. You search for what program you need to follow or what piece of equipment you need to buy. You look at exercise as this isolated activity that will solve all your health problems and maybe you forget to take a few steps back to consider if this approach is the most sustainable one for you. I have Brent Gallagher joining us today and he’s going to share with us his thoughts on taking a holistic approach to exercise and some things you can do to make it a sustainable part of your life.

Avenu Fitness
Purpose: A simple path to a better life
Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 11

Richard Tardif – On Eating Animals


Richard Tardif is Fitness For Freedom’s Director of Personal Trainer Development he’s been training people for 8 years and teaching personal trainers for 4. He’s also a self proclaimed nerd and reads scientific journals for fun. He doesn’t stop there he runs fitness and nutrition experiments on himself to see how his body responds and decides if there is any legitimacy to them. Contact Richard

The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 10

Sue Kenney – Living Your Life as a Pilgrim Camino-3-June-2010-037

After being downsized from her corporate position Sue Kenney took some time on the Camino trail in Spain to figure out what was important to her. Her journey is unique and she shares her life transitioning experiences. Now she now shapes her life instead of letting life shape her.
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The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 09

Erin Zuber – A Story of Perseverance: How This 32 Year Old Mom Battled Back After Having a Stroke 12120172_10156170826460615_5913697229342846838_o

Erin Zuber was just like any other 32 year old mom, living her everyday life until she was struck down by a stroke. This is her story of how she battled back and is motivated to do more than run, but also wear high heels again.

The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 08

Dr. Mike T Nelson – Type 2 Diabetes, Fat loss and How Changes Stick mike_t_nelson

Dr. Mike T Nelson tells us how you can burn more fat, shift your metabolism and start to change your mindset. This is possibly the most informative interview I’ve done to date, so you should stop reading this and just listen to it 🙂
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The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 07

Chris Kushneriuk – Cancer Survivor and Health Advocate Chris Kushneriuk pic

After surviving an aggressive battle with cancer Chris shares his story about coming back, how he has a new lease on life and becoming your own health advocate.
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The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 06

Dr. Sarah Gairdner – Pain, Suffering and Coping When You Exercise 1ededa7

Dr. Sarah Gairdner shares the research she’s done into dealing and coping with pain while exercising. Exercising doesn’t have to feel as bad as you think or realize and she gives you the tools to minimize it. Contact Twitter

The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 05

Steven M. Ledbetter – Understanding Why You’re Not Motivated StevO Pic

The number one question we get from clients is ‘How can I motivate myself to exercise?’ and it it one of the hardest things to answer because everyone is different. Steven Ledbetter has an MA of Sport Psychology and is the CEO of Habitry. We cover a lot in this interview, so hang on to your boots.
Blog and We Make Communities – Book
Mindset by Carol Dweck
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The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 04

Dr. Hugues Richard on Guilting Yourself and Finding Your Starting Point Hugues Picture

Dr. Hugues Richard is a Psychiatrist that has made healthy lifestyle habits part of his everyday life, but it isn’t easy. He shares his tips on what he does to stay successful and motivated to exercise every week. Resources Cohérence cardiaque 365 : Guide de cohérence cardiaque jour après jour

The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 03

Slim by Design – Brian Wansink Tells Us How Our Environment Shapes Our Waistline Brian Wansink Pic

Dr. Brian Wansink is a ‘world renowned’ researcher and author of Mindless Eating and Slim by Design. His research is showing how we are a product of our environment and how we can shift it to take willpower out of the equation and move our lives to be Slim by Design instead of fat by design. You won’t want to miss this interview. Contact Brian Slim by Design the Website Slim by Design the Book Mindless Eating the Book Twitter Handle

The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 02

Depression, Support and Wellness Advocation Dr. Alain Desaulnier Shares His Story AlainDesaulniersPic

Dr. Alain Desaulnier became a Chiropractor to make the world a better and healthier place, but found himself battling depression and unable to keep himself living an active and healthy lifestyle. He shares his story of how he was able to turn it around and now makes it his life’s work spreading the message and helping you live your best and most awesome life. Contact Alain Everyday Revolutions Podcast Revolution Health Twitter Recommended Resources The War of Art

The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 01

From Horrific Helicopter Accident to Paralympic Gold Medalist Mark Ideson Shares His Story Mark Ideson Pic

In 2007 Mark Ideson was at work doing a test flight in his helicopter, like many he had done before. This time however, something went wrong, his helicopter started free falling and he found himself rolling through a farmers field. This accident drastically changed his life forever. After a physically and mentally demanding recovery he found a way to turn it into an opportunity of new challenges that lead him to the gold medal podium in the 2014 Sochi Paralympics. He shares his story here. Contact Mark Twitter

The Fitness For Freedom Show – Episode 00

We decided to start a motivational podcast. Find out why, in Episode 00. This where it all begins.