Episode 275 – Why Do You Change in Some Ways But Not Others?

Written by Jonathan

About 10 years ago when we first started our in-home personal training company, one of my co-workers from my previous job hired me to design his exercise program.  He was having some kind of an early 20’s crisis and decided he needed to quit smoking, stop drinking, eat healthfully, start exercising, go to bed earlier and lose weight all in one shot. He was pumped, promised himself this time was going to be different and he basically turned his life upside down. We did a few sessions together until we were both comfortable with how well he was doing the exercises and that he understood everything, why the program was structured the way it was, intensities etc. and we were supposed to get back together about 4 weeks later to update his program. Unfortunately I never heard from him again, until two years ago when I bumped into him at a conference centre here in town. He had put on about 50 pounds since I had last seen him and he’ed started smoking again, possibly he never legitimately stopped. I was disappointed, not in him, but in the fact I know he wants to change, but here is something inside of him that is preventing that from happening.



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