Is Your Personal Trainer Educated?

Written by Jonathan

Is Your Personal Trainer Educated in Kinesiology?

Having a Degree or Diploma in Kinesiology, Exercise Science or Health Promotion does not guarantee the personal trainer you are thinking about working with is the best available. It does guarantee they have passed advanced levels of Anatomy, Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics. This means they have a very good understanding of human movement and the optimal training methodologies that are likely to work for you. When you combine this basic understanding of human physiology with over 3 years of practical experience you should have a very knowledgeable personal trainer. A trainer of this caliber can work with you and gives you the appropriate exercise prescription. The education education gives them a good foundation of knowledge and the experience exposes them to a large variety of clients allowing them to refine their craft. A good way to screen for this is to ask where the trainer went to school and what program they took, if they answer Kinesiology, Human Kinetics or Exercise Science that’s a good start and if they describe their experiences at school passionately there is an even better chance they will be a good personal trainer, because they are interested in the topic. Follow this up by asking them about a client they have worked with in the past and how they worked together to help the client achieve the results they were looking for. If you’re still unsure ask them when their last Continuing Education Course was and what they learned at it. This will let you know if they are someone that stays current on fitness and training strategies. Having an educated personal trainer isn’t the beginning and the end of personal training but it definitely helps give you the safe and appropriate exercise experience you are looking for.

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