AB Wheel: A Review

Written by Jonathan

The ‘AB Wheel’ is a piece of equipment used exclusively for abdominal work. It is incredible for giving your abdomen that ‘shredded’ feeling. Being a ‘1 trick pony’ though I would leave it for advanced lifters that are looking for something different or to add some variety into their workouts. The biggest draw back to the AB wheel is that it is very easy to use incorrectly and let your back sag when you roll out, throwing your back into hyper extension, so beginners and some intermediate lifters definitely need to be careful. It is a good piece of equipment, however, there are other exercises that are equally as good that require no extra equipment.


Usability 3 out of 5 stars – Easy to use – difficult to use properly
Effectiveness 5 of 5 stars – One of the hardest core exercises you can do
Value 3 of 5 stars – This can only be used for 2 variations of the same exercise

Usability – How easy is this equipment to use for the average person
Effectiveness – How effective is it as used for its intended purpose
Value – For the price how many things can you do with it

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