Episode – 265 – How Kyle Paterson Started Training for his First Half Marathon

Written by Jonathan

Thanks for stopping by, if you’ve been listening for a while we appreciate your continued support and if you’re new, welcome. Normally on the show I talk about something a client may be struggling with, techniques you can use to make your exercise routine more effective and strategies you can use to make healthier food choices, but today we’re going to do something a bit different. Today I talk with Kyle Paterson. Kyle got his Kinesiology degree from McGill University and he’s one of our personal personal trainer’s. Although Kyle was an avid athlete when he was growing up after he graduated from high school he put his fitness on hold and I think it’s fair to say his health really took a backseat in terms of his priorities.  What makes Kyle’s situation a bit different or unique is that he didn’t go directly into Kinesiology when he graduated high school, he took social sciences and it wasn’t until his mid 20’s when his health took a serious nose dive, that he really started to look at how he was living and it wasn’t until then that he transferred into the Kinesiology program. It was during this time that he registered for his first half marathon and since this is the beginning of running season and I know there are lots of people who are going to try running for the first time, I thought you might find his experience relatable, interesting and you might find some of the strategies that he used to stay motivated useful.



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