Episode 294 – How long does it take for weight loss to show?

Written by Jonathan

Mandy – I’ve been losing weight doing exercise, and I know I have because I’ve been weighing myself every day, but I can’t really see the difference. I feel better, but I want to look better as well. How long does it take for weight loss to show?

Sleepy Sally – I work long shifts on my feet all day. I want to exercise but when I get home I’m just so tired. I also don’t have much time in the morning unless I want to wake up really early. What should I do?

Down with Doritos – I live with people who really like to eat junk. I’m working on my weight but sometimes it’s hard to resist when they have a bag of chips out watching a movie. They can have junk if they want to, but I want to build up my ability to say no – how can I do that?



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