Race Day: World Snowshoe Championships, Late January 2015

Written by Olivier

Setting: Sunny yet -35 degrees Celsius, windy, technical & hilly 10k course

Snowshoe racing regroups all kinds of racers, many athletes use this sport as a cross trainer in the winter months so runners, triathletes and even cyclists were present on the start line. While I had won a small local snowshoe race the weekend prior this was my first test against international athletes.

I had a really good start and stayed in the lead pack for most of the first lap (we did 4 loops of 2.5km). I eventually made two mistakes later in the race that cost me a few positions and finished in 9th in 49 minutes…only 30 seconds separated me from 4th position which was definitely within my reach.

Conclusion: Happy for my first real test and season opener, it wasn’t an easy race however its definitely something to try again next year 🙂


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