308: How did you break through your plateau on overhead press?

Written by Jonathan

I overworked out. I pushed myself way too far than i should have in weight training. Now i’m feeling quite broken.
But I’m currently on a cut so I’m tracking my calories and keeping them low. Should I eat more today? Would it help my recovery? Or do I just have to deal with it.
I’m not talking about more protein to “build more muscle”. But more calories for recovery.
Cutting and confused

Recently I have taken up cycling in an attempt to lose weight. This and just eating less is showing positive results. I bike every other day and was wondering on the off days if I could run or do I NEED those days for rest?
Weight Loss Wilma

Jonathan, thank you for doing this show I find it really helpful and try to catch it every week, even though I do miss it sometimes 🙁 I stalled hard at a 175 pound overhead press, how much weight until you first stalled and how did you break through your plateau on overhead press?
Stuck in Sarnia



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