Episode 304 – How do I prevent this dizzyness from happening?

Written by Jonathan

Every time I finish pushing the prowler sled I get dizzy. I’m in a hot climate so I make sure to hydrate religiously so that can’t be the issue. Even if I push one plate I still get dizzy after a few sprints. I also make sure to breathe while pushing. How can I prevent or lessen the negative post effects of the prowler? How do I prevent this ‘dizzyness’ from happening?  

Dangerous Dave

Hey! I want to do cardio to lose some fat and improve my endurance and conditioning because it sucks. I can’t even run for more than 10 minutes in the park. But at the elliptical I can go on for 1 hour, but still it’s bad.

I want to improve my conditioning and endurance. And also lose some fat but that’s my secondary goal.

The thing is running sometimes gets boring and I don’t feel like running sometimes because it’s a loooooot of time and it’s not that intense

I don’t know what kind of cardio to do. I want it to be intense and feel like a warrior and push through my limits. I want to workout and get fit.

Sprinting Sandra

How do I progress my weights? Let’s take curls for example. Today i can do 8kg, 4 sets of 8,7,6,6 reps. Then my next session, should I try to hit 9,7,6,6 or should i get all my sets to 8 reps? What if i could achieve 10 reps on my first set if i pushed real hard, but at the expense of the performance my remaining sets? Will it differ between isolations and compounds exercises?

Hypertrophy Harry



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