If You Could Choose Not To Get a Disease, Would You?

Written by Jonathan

I’m part of the Ottawa Executive Association a ‘business networking’ group here in Ottawa. Unfortunately one of the members in the group had a heart attack last spring, which resulted in triple bypass surgery. He almost died and is lucky to be alive.

His new life mantra is ‘My attitude is gratitude’.

Previous to his heart attack he never exercised and was a little overweight, now he walks for an hour and a half everyday and has lost close to 30 pounds (my best visual guess) and if he keeps his new lifestyle changes up he will virtually eliminate his chance of having another heart attack.

His brain got the message his heart sent him and he’s doing something about it.

I have another client that has been exercising about 3 times a week for his whole life, last January he was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer (it runs in his family his father and all of his uncles have it) and he has not been given very good odds of making it, it’s heart breaking he’s only 50.

He is getting work done on his house and some of the workers there are older than him and very obviously DO NOT ‘take care’ of themselves many of them are very overweight and/or smoke. We started chatting about it and I tell him the story about the member in my networking group and how sometimes people need to have ‘some’ fear knocked into them so they make a change. You need to realize you can actually die from not exercising and eating healthfully before you will change. Then he says ‘I wish I had had a heart attack instead.’

What he was actually saying is ‘I wish I had a choice.’

Some people don’t get a choice and they don’t get a second chance. Some cancers, ALS, Muscular Dystrophy and Huntington’s Chorea are examples of diseases where the person affected doesn’t have a choice, they don’t get a second chance and it sucks. So many diseases are preventable and heart disease is at the top of that list. Don’t wait until you have your heart attack or stroke or Type 2 diabetes diagnosis to do something about it. You have a responsibility to yourself, your kids, everyone that cares about you and everyone else that doesn’t get a choice or a second chance. You have a choice right now, say yes to that choice and do something about it. You don’t need a gym, you don’t need a personal trainer all you need is the want to change and everyday go for a walk, don’t wait until after your heart attack because by then it might be too late.

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