A Simple Tool for More Effective Workouts

Written by Richard

I’ve written in the past about time under tension and the importance of perform exercises slowly. There is a simple tool that can make matters a little bit easier to follow these principals. Instead of counting reps we can simply use an HIIT timer. You can download an app that performs this task on any tablet or smartphone. I have no affiliation to any of the multiple different HIIT timers that are out there so I will not make any recommendations. Simply search for “HIIT timer” or “H.I.I.T. timer” and make sure you can set the number of rounds, the work and rest intervals.

You can now set a multitude of different timer length with rest periods and start using the timer as a guide for you work out. I personally have set a few timers for certain exercises and I progress by either reducing rest period by a few seconds every week or increasing the work interval duration by a few seconds. You can also increase the total amounts of sets/rounds to better. This keeps me honest and progressing and many of these apps are free.

Here is a basic idea of how to use it and a sample home workout routine that takes only 18 minutes.

For general conditioning and hypertrophy use a 1 min work and 90s rest interval.

For strength exercises use 30-45 sec work and 90-120s rest period.

For Muscular endurance use a work interval of 75-90s keeping the rest at 60s or less.

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