Challenge Your Food ‘Beliefs’ To Be Healthier

Written by Jonathan

A few months ago I was peeling a clementine for my wife and I to eat. After I was done peeling it I split it in half one for me and one for her. She took one little wedge off her part to eat and as she was doing that I put my half in my mouth, ate it in one shot and started peeling the next one. She stopped and looked at me with what I can only describe as a hint of horror and confusion in her face and she said, ‘You can’t do that.’ Perplexed I asked, ‘Why not? and she said ‘Because you can’t’ and I said ‘Well I just did.’ and then I put the entirety of the next clementine in my mouth, to which she promptly said, ‘You have to eat it one wedge at a time.’ To which I responded, ‘Why, will I get sick if I eat multiple wedges in one bite.’ She looked a bit confused and came up with this, ‘Well, I guess you don’t have to eat one at a time.’

In that moment I shattered her belief about how someone has to eat a clementine, now she lives on the edge and eats two wedges at a time.

What beliefs do you have about food and do they serve you, hurt you or are they a ‘clementine belief’ where it probably doesn’t make a difference?

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