This Drink Will Help Boost Your Athletic Performance

Written by Jonathan

Although I exercise more for the health benefits than anything else, performance is still very important to me. I like to make sure I have enough energy, because I want to feel good while I exercise. That’s why I was ecstatic when I opened up a case of beer last weekend and found this bad boy as a bonus,Sleeman Coconut Water
Sleeman Lift – For The Performance Focused, Contains Coconut Water

This is great news because the beer I normally consume on my way to the gym doesn’t have any coconut water and lately my workouts have been lacking. So not only will I get a great workout, but I will also feel confident enough to talk to the girls that are always on the elliptical machines.

Finally a beer that understands my needs!

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This is a satirical piece, so please don’t take it seriously. This beer was delicious and I would highly recommend it as a weekend night cap, not a performance booster.

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