The Fitness Industry is Fraudulent

Written by Jonathan

This week I had a session with a client that I have been training for 8 months and she is starting to become discouraged. When I first started training her she had 3 very clear goals and I quote,

‘I want toned arms, shredded abs and a shaped butt, by March.’

These are common goals clients have when they contact us and we have a chat the very first day about what that is going to take. That chat ends with us saying it’s not going to be easy but we will support you and give you the necessary tools every step of the way. Well it’s now March and she is in phenomenal shape and has improved tremendously, but alas has only succeeded in getting toned arms, but not as ‘toned’ as she wanted. She is not only discouraged, but also borderline depressed. She asked me if she was too old to do it because most people that look that way tend to be younger. I followed this up with ‘What people, people in figure competitions?’. She said ‘yes’.

I said ,
‘They only look like that for the day’, this confused her.

Figure competitions are like adult beauty pageants, where incredibly fit, scantly dressed and spray tanned individual’s parade themselves around a stage and get judged Miss America style on fitness related criteria. If you would like to see one for yourself go here. These people are fit, no doubt about it, but they are also a wreck. They exercise 4 to 6 times a week building muscle for months leading up to the competition, then they starve themselves for about 6 weeks and continue to exercise 4 to 6 times a week to ‘cut’, then they take diuretics to dehydrate themselves to enhance their muscle tone and then they spray tan right before the competition so they can show off maximum muscle definition. Then they almost ‘pass out’ on stage they are so dehydrated and undernourished. This is one of the LEAST HEALTHY things you can do to your body. Then they post their pictures on their ‘trainer’s’ website (or often they themselves are trainers) with their ‘before’ pictures, leading you to believe this is how they look all the time and if you exercise and eat well you will look like them. But, you can’t. Well, you can if you measure every graham of food that goes in your body and you exercise intensely several times a week, then you might be able to achieve something that slightly resembles a figure competitors body.

This is why the fitness industry is fraudulent they put misleading pictures of themselves and their clients on their website and then you as a consumer see these individuals and think that’s what fitness and being healthy is all about. Then when you can’t achieve that you quit, because what’s the point if you can’t look like that.
The fitness industry is full of scam marketers and they will do almost anything to sell you a “slim belly’ fitness package. I for one am fed up with it. ‘Personal trainers’ that sell that image hurt our industry. They set you up for failure and lead you to believe that being in figure competition ‘shape’ is what exercise is all about and if you can’t achieve that you think you have to give up because what’s the point. The worst part of this story is that my client had no idea that’s how you compete in figure competitions and it’s too bad because I know she’s not the only one.

Being motivated to exercise is hard enough the last thing we need is to be discouraged when we get unrealistic ideals pushed on us and it’s time for it to stop.

If someone you care about has the same misconceptions please share this article with them.

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