Just Because Something Says It’s Healthy On the Box,

Written by Jonathan

doesn’t mean it’s healthy in the box.

I was in the grocery store the other day doing my regular grocery when I started walking down the freezer aisle. Normally I wouldn’t go down this aisle as there is nothing ‘good’ for you except frozen vegetables and we didn’t need any vegetables, but then this sign caught my eye. It said ‘Health and Wellness’ so I strolled over to take a look and this is what I saw, several varieties of pizza pockets and frozen pizza on one side of the sign and gluten free bread, macaroni and cheese and frozen lasagna on the other side.

I wouldn’t consider anything in this freezer ‘healthy.’ It is all highly processed and mostly made up of refined carbohydrates. Worse than that I couldn’t even find one thing that was actually labeled organic or ‘natural’ (Natural doesn’t mean anything anyway here in Canada, just an FYI).

You need to be careful out there in the jungle known as the grocery store. Most of these big companies are trying to take advantage of you and they will outright lie to you to do it. Be your own advocate, read the labels and if it comes in a box or a bag there is a good chance it’s probably not the best thing you can eat. Even frozen vegetables are sometimes pre-salted and buttered. We live in a world that is constantly trying to sabotage your best efforts and it only takes 15 seconds to read a label, it’s your health so take the time.

Better yet buy foods that don’t even have labels, because then you know it’s good for you! These items can be found on the outside walls of the grocery store and are the first thing you see once you ninja your way past the soda pop and cookies that are on sale right at the entrance.

My literal food for thought of the day.

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