Funniest Gym Video

Written by Jonathan

Let’s start by saying this is the funniest gym video we’ve seen in a long time. With the weekend coming it’s nice to have a little giggle on a Friday. Now as funny as this may be it’s also accurate so a few comments.

  1. Not all people who workout in a gym are gym monkey’s. A lot are just regular everyday people.
  2. We’ve all been there. Just starting out at the gym. I’m going to do it, no more excuses! The question then becomes what to do when you get there.
  3. You’re totally intimidated by the super buff dudes, chicks who are hotter than you or grossed out by people trying to hit on you.

Newsflash they were a beginner at one point as well. People will hit on you at places other than the gym and remember 1 step at a time will get you to your goal. This new Buzz Feed video is hilarious! I’m sure what you’re about to see has run through your own thoughts many times before.


I hope you laughed at this as much as I did. Now in all seriousness, there is no need to be intimidated. That’s why we’re here to help. Our online fitness system will take care of the hardest element when getting started at working out, “What to do?”.  Plus you’re not totally worthless and please don’t chow down after your workout like they do, it kills all the effort you just put in. On last thing, if this has been you in the video, you don’t have to workout in a gym. If you find it intimidating and not for you, there are other ways to get your fitness in. You can try team sports, home workouts, jogging, skating on the canal, ect.

All seriousness aside though, this is just really good humour. TGIF everyone!


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