Have You Found the Right Tool to Help You Exercise?

Written by Jonathan

What I’ve learned about Fitness

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 10 years now, which is actually an extraordinary amount of time. Most people only last 3 years.

Here is something I’ve learned along the way.

Most people want a tool

You probably think if you have the right tool you will be successful.
The perfect example of this is any gimmick equipment company and their success.

The Thighmaster sold $100,000,000 worth of product.
It is good for one exercise that you can do with a ball you can buy from the dollar store.

P90x sold $400,000,000 of product and its 12 exercise programs on a DVD.
There are millions of exercise programs available online for free.

I have lots of clients with both of these ‘tools’ and they all have a thick layer of dust on them.

More tools won’t solve your problem, you should stop looking for them.

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