Is your ‘toning’ fitness routine actually making you more toned?

Written by Jonathan

Every day you see ‘health’ magazines advertise on their cover something to the effect of ‘Follow these 6 moves for toned arms today’ or ‘Tone your bum in 3 minutes or less’. If you have ever followed any one of these programs you have probably noticed they do not tone anything on your body. I have been training mostly women for several years and write programs far better at ‘toning’ than any I have ever seen in any magazine. Not one of my clients has increased the tone anywhere on her body without an accompanied diet change.
Marketing exercise programs as toning programs hurt the fitness and health industry for two reasons.

1. As a consumer you think exercise alone will make you more toned. You then start using the exercise program and do not become more toned. You find this discouraging and quit because your reality doesn’t match your expectation.

2. Because your reality does not meet your expectation you stop exercising and miss out on all the other health benefits exercise have to offer you.
Exercising is the healthiest thing you can do regardless of whether or not you lose weight and if you can adjust your expectations to find other ways to motivate yourself other than toning or fat loss you will get the best reward of all, living a longer and healthier life.

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