Substituting Avocado For Butter to Save Calories

Written by Jonathan

Butter is really calorically dense, which means it’s very easy to eat too much, which means it can easily become fattening. There are much less fattening or at the very least more healthy alternatives that can go a long way in reducing the number of calories you eat or give you a much higher volume of food for the same number of calories. Let’s look at Avocado for example, you can eat about 50g of avocado for close to the same number of calories as 10g of butter. That’s a huge caloric difference! On top of this avocado is full of healthier unsaturated fat vs. the less healthy and often over consumed saturated fat in butter. The next time you’re looking for an equally tasty, but slightly healthier and less calorically dense food, on a sandwich, mixed with your vegetables or on a salad instead of dressing (win:win), try an avocado on for size, it’s an easy and delicious switch!

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