What Can Happen When You Drink Wine Everyday

Written by Jonathan

Wine can be a good way to unwind after stressful work week, but if you’re someone that uses wine to unwind after a stressful day of work (everyday) and you’re trying to lose weight, you should probably consider a few things. Most people drink 1.5 to 2 servings per glass of wine and if you have 2 glasses per day that’s almost double what you think you’re drinking, also wine itself has a lot of extra calories which never bodes well for losing weight and many people lose their willpower when 8,9 and 10 o’clock rolls around and they start getting the late night chip itch, which is way harder to say ‘NO’ too after a few. If you enjoy wine once in a while that’s fine, but if it’s a daily habit and you’re trying to lose weight it might be something you want to consider changing. Now excuse me while I jump off my high horse, it takes a good knee bend in the landing when jumping from this height.

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