How Can You Get Up Off the Floor When You Have Back Pain?

Written by Jonathan

If you have ever suffered from low back pain you know it can be debilitating, but you also know there are exercises you can do to help alleviate your low back pain, which is great except it means you have to get up and down off the floor to do them, which can cause you a lot of pain. When you get up off the floor you want to keep your spine as neutral as possible, this means rolling over onto your stomach, if you’re not already there, pushing yourself up onto your hands and knees and then moving into a split squat or lunge position to stand up. If you are someone that has trouble getting up off the floor at the best of times you should do your low back pain exercises close to a chair or the couch so you can use it to pull yourself up. When getting down to the floor you should do everything in the exact reverse motion.

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