Get A Stronger Core with 3 Simple Moves

Written by Becky

Notice the title of this blog is how to get a stronger CORE not how to get a 6 PACK ABS or a FLAT TUMMY? The program in this video will not get you a 6 pack or a flat stomach. But what it will do is strengthen your muscles for a strong stable back that will help prevent injury no matter what your activity level is. Whether you love hiking mountains, playing soccer, chase after your kids or starting a spring garden project your core strength should be important to you.

Your core muscles help with proper alignment, posture and overall body strength which if all are functioning at optimal levels reduce your risk of injury when doing the activities you enjoy most.   Your “core” is made up the rectus abdominis (most superficial and well known), internal/external obliques (side of your torso), the transverse abdominis (think of a deep muscle wrapping your torso) and quadratus lumborum (stabilize each side of the spine).  It is a complex structure and is responsible for moving the spine which is also very complex and can move in many different directions. In order to protect the spine, we want the muscles of the core to be strong in each different direction and movement. Therefore, with training you want to create stability and strength in each different plane of movement. 

This video outlines a short routine focusing on strengthening the all of  muscles of your core that is suitable for most beginners but watch for modifications and variations that can make the exercises either harder or easier for you. Listen to your body and start where it is appropriate for you. There are always ways to alter an exercise to best fit you so feel free to reach out and let me know of any questions or concerns.

For better overall movement and strength, a goal to have a powerful core while keeping  your back neutral and stable is more accurate than wanting 6-pack abs.  The two goals are not one in the same. If you actually want to work towards 6-pack abs a lot more work into what your eating needs to be considered as well as strengthening the muscles. To get you started on what is required check out this podcast.

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