Hiking Strength Training Workout Video

Written by Becky

This workout video is for those of you who enjoying the activity of hiking, but are maybe new to strength training. Or if you have signed up for longer hiking trip this summer this strength workout can be done over the next few months to get yourself ready. Strength training will allow you to challenge yourself for more difficult hikes and help to decrease your risk of injury while doing it. Spending time strength training off the trail will increase your enjoyment on your trip.

Strength training specifically for hikers should focus primarily on exercises for the lower body as the legs are your primary mover. Core strength is also very important to improve balance and stability that you need on the trail. Consider upper body exercises as well especially if you plan to be carrying a heavy pack or using trekking poles. This follow along workout includes all of these factors plus a short stretching routine specifically for the muscles most used during hiking. Strength training will reduce your risk of injury while hiking and improve your performance.

This workout consists of short warm-up, a circuit of five strength exercises which we will do three times followed by a quick cool-down. All you will need for the workout is a set of dumbbells and a step, box or stairs that you can step up and down from. Choose an appropriate dumbbell weight for you based on your ability to do approximately 12 -15 reps with proper form. If you are following the workout and feel that you could easily do five more reps than what was completed it is likely that you should increase the weight or the height of the step. If this is your off season for hiking or if you are preparing for a long trek I would recommended performing this full body workout at least two to three times per week. Stronger muscles means that you can more easily climb over rough terrain and stay safe while doing it. Which ultimately means exploring more of what nature has to offer.

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