How To Do A Handstand Push-Up

Written by Richard

When it comes to home workouts, classic push-ups usually come to mind. While the classic push-up builds chest and triceps strength and size, it recruits shoulders only a little. To add a great shoulder builder to your calisthenics routine consider the handstand push-up.
Handstand push-ups are great building your shoulder muscles and work on stability throughout your whole body. They are quite advanced and many of you may not be ready for that. Don’t worry; there are whole set of progressions that are equally as effective and just as good for your shoulder. If you follow the progressions shown in the video they will eventually lead you to handstand push-ups. While this may seem like an accomplishment, following the progressions and allowing time to get stronger and there is no reason anyone couldn’t get to this level with a little hard work and dedication.

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