How to do a Push-up

Written by Jonathan

How To Do a Push-Up: A User’s Guide

Everyone’s always talking about push-ups. Some of our most popular posts are about push-ups. Why, though? What’s the deal? Truth be told, the push-up is one of the best exercises that you can do. It’s great to strengthen your chest, shoulders, and arms. You can do it anywhere, in that all that you need is the ground or the floor, and no matter how strong you are, there’s a level you can do, and you can always progress to make it harder. It’s like one of those games where there’s always a level above, no matter how high you get.

Why Would You Want To Do the Pushup?
So we talked about why it’s good to do a push-up, but why should you want to do them? Besides strengthening your muscles, it’s also a really good exercise because no matter where you are in the world and what equipment you have access to, there’s always a variation of push-up you can do, and there’s always a level of difficulty that’s right for you, and it’s very easy to go up or down a level, or to sub in or out equipment, because the mechanics of the push-up always remain the same. You don’t need to drain your wallet getting fancy gym equipment and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own room if you don’t want to! Lazy morning? Don’t like social situations? All you need is a square of floor and you’re set.  The best part though is that it’s really easy to see yourself improve at the push-up, and you have very objective feedback that says you’re improving, which is very motivating when you’re trying to get stronger and trying to stick to an exercise program. Back to the game analogy, it’s like you’re leveling up each time you get better. You know how great that feels, right?

When you get really good at them, you can make your own youtube videos to show everyone how great you are at push-ups.

What Muscles Does the Push-Up Use?
As we’ve already mentioned, you can use the push-up to strengthen your chest, specifically your pectoralis major, which is your major chest muscle, the anterior deltoid, which is the front of your shoulder, and your triceps, which are the backs of your upper arms.

How To Do A Push-Up

How to do a Progressive Push-up on Your Stairs

Now that you understand how to do a push-up, how do you make it harder? All the basic principles remain the same – what you need to do is create more overload on your muscles. In this video, we explain a couple different ways you can do that.

How to make a Push-Up Harder

Once you’ve mastered the standard variations, you’re ready to single-handedly do push-ups. You can literally progress to single-arm push-ups. These one-armed monsters are incredibly challenging to do properly, but you can make massive strength gains by doing them when you focus on being disciplined in using the proper form. This video explains the different ways you can progress the single-arm push-up.

Progressing to a Single-Arm Push-Up

So the push-up is one of the most universally well-known exercises, and for good reason – it’s a very effective way to strength train, it can be done anywhere, and there’s a version for everyone, regardless of your current abilities. There are always linear progressions where you can distinctly see improvement and “level up”. And that alone can be really motivating. We find in the clients that we work with that motivation is one of the biggest obstacles, if not the biggest obstacle, to overcome.

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