Take a Walk, a Lunge Walk

Written by Richard

While lunging is rarely anyone’s favourite exercise it is omnipresent in training programs, and with good reason, the lunge is an incredibly useful and functional exercise, it uses most muscles in your lower body and it’s challenging, which is why it’s likely not your favourite exercise.

Another great advantage of the lunge is that it does not require additional weights if you pick a challenging enough variation or a long enough work interval. In fact, you can combine it with actually taking a walk; we can call it a fitness walk if you like.

With this in mind, I’ve recently starting integrating lunge walking in my weekly routine. In this instance I actually go outside and walk for some time and then lunge for some time. This is a really good way to mix a workout with a walk! This is finally an instance were multitasking can actually be effective. You can even run an errand and do a workout at the same time. The basis for the workout is the H.I.I.T. protocol. High intensity interval training is a very time effective way to improve strength, endurance and burn fat all in a time effective manner. Using the HIIT timer, I follow one of the levels in the attached progression chart. There are nearly 40 progressions built in to this routine it can keep you busy and progressing for quite some time.
But what if you feel silly lunge walking to the grocery store? Well, you can always do lunges at home away from judging eyes. You try a variety of different lunges, pick a level that is doable but challenging and get to work right away! The workouts are between 10-25 minutes and are pretty quick but very effective, give it a try, you may be impressed how simple, challenging and rewarding it can be.

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