Take Your Calisthenics to the Next Level with These Tactics

Written by Richard

When relying on calisthenics exercises for strength training we need to be creative to make exercises interesting and challenge the body differently. In the video below we will outline a number of special techniques that can give variety to your workouts and can give you more control over which muscles are working hardest in a variety of exercises. These techniques can also help bridge the gap between different progression of exercises allowing continued progression and more gradual improvements in calisthenics routines.


Rest-pause – Post exhaustion exercise leads to greater fatigue and best for high intensity training

1 ¼ reps – Useful to emphasize more challenging part of a complex movement

Static holds – Again emphasizing a specific joint angle, great for sticking point work

Partial reps – Using a challenging exercise but only working a small range of motion until the body adapts

Elevator reps – This is great to build local muscle endurance, choosing an easy exercise can prove a great challenge

Oscillating rep – Another similar technique best used to emphasize a certain muscle and range of motion

Mechanical Dropset – Use a circuit of the same type of calisthenic movement using an easier position in each set. Use very short rest between variations <10 seconds
Explosive reps – As it sounds, use great force to produce an acceleration

Uneven reps – Using a mild deficit on one limb to increase the challenge

Integrate these into your routines today and you’ll reap the benefits of getting stronger faster and taking your strength training to the next level!

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