Don’t Forget Back Day!

Written by Kyle

You may have heard the phrase “looks like that person skipped leg day”, referring to someone who has a bulky upper body but has underdeveloped leg muscles. Well the same goes for ‘back day’.

It is important to perform back exercises as much, if not more than chest exercises. In other words, do more pulling than pushing exercises. Overtraining of the chest muscles, while neglecting your back muscles, is a huge contributor to excessive upper back curvature and rounded shoulders. Similar to to the effects of working at a desk or slouching in front of the TV, it causes a muscle imbalance where the chest muscles are shortened and the back muscles are lengthened, causing your upper back and shoulders to round forward. Over time this can lead to pain and mobility problems. This means do more rowing and pull-down motions than push-ups, chest and overhead presses. A big chest means nothing if you can’t move your arms the way they’re meant to move!

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