Sitting is for Suckers

Written by Kyle

Sitting for long periods of time is unnatural and can be damaging. Our bodies weren’t optimally designed to sit! It takes muscular effort to sit in a position that minimizes forces on your body due to gravity. Sadly, most of us are not conscious of what it takes to sit with good posture, and over time this can lead to all sorts of movement problems and pain. If this sounds like you: Stand up often, stretch, and walk around. And try this quick and easy exercise program below to help relieve tension built up from sitting with poor posture. It will also help you focus on feeling the muscles that should be activated in proper sitting posture so that it can eventually become habit!


5 minute office workout

-Hands behind head chest stretch x 30 seconds

-hands behind back chest/biceps stretch x 30 seconds

-backwards shoulder circles x 20

-scapular retraction x 20

-hands on shoulders lateral raise x 20

-knee high March

-Romanian Deadlift x 20

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