13 Things Only A Couple Of People Know About Me

Written by Jonathan

I read in someone’s blog somewhere that you should write out a list of things people don’t know about you so they can get to know you better and build a better relationship with them, but as soon as I started writing this I knew it wasn’t for anyone but me. I’m not used to writing about myself in such a specific way and am debating right now about whether or not I should share this…But I will.

1. Real Men Don’t Cry, at least that’s what I thought growing up. I’m not 100% sure where this belief came from (Maybe it was Don Cherry or my sports coaches, I’m not sure) the point is somewhere down the line I started believing this and I didn’t cry for about 15 years. Now I realize crying and whining are not the same thing and you can still be tough and cry. I seemed to confuse it all when I was younger or maybe I just thought I was too tough. So I don’t whine or complain but I do cry from time to time.

2. Family is the Most Important Thing to Me, sometimes on the outside it doesn’t seem like this, but it’s true. Everything I do is rooted in being with, supporting and providing for my family. I truly believe a strong family and very close friend network is critical for health, happiness and success. It’s why I created the business I’m in. There is a lot more to unpack here but I’m not ready to yet, at lest not publicly.

3. I Am Unreasonably Competitive, this is probably less of a surprise to most people that know me a little bit. I used to be worse but now I’m only competitive with things that matter, except board games and golf, which is unfortunate because one of those things can sometimes temporarily ruin relationships and the other one I am terrible at, you can probably guess which is which. (Hint: One day I broke 2 two golf clubs on the same round, I’m slightly less competitive now, breaking golf clubs is expensive)

4. I Have an Inner Battle with Eating, I know it doesn’t appear this way, but it’s true. My whole life I have had to control my environment to eat as healthfully as possible. For example I have a rule that I only eat sugary things on the weekend, as I write this on a Friday night I debate whether or not I will have left over Christmas baking for dessert, because I had 4 Christmas cookies on Wednesday and broke my rule. It’s challenging for me because I also have a ‘Don’t Waste Food’ rule, that prohibits me from throwing it out like most people would, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. This why I stopped baking anything, ever.

5. Boardgames, are my favourite non-exercise driven or active recreational activity. I play several games every weekend. I enjoy heavy strategy games, will almost never turn a game down and I win a lot, in an aggressive way. (Hence the temporarily ruining relationships)

6. I’m Not Nearly as Angry as Look, it’s just my face. Unless we’re playing sports or games or working out then I am angry, but other than that I’m not an angry person.

7. I Work, because I enjoy it and I want to change the world, not because I’m a workaholic. Even though my wife and her family think I am. We need to think about exercise and fitness in a different way and I really hope our messaging resonates with people, because like I said I want to change the world.

8. Sometimes I Drink Too Much, it happens much less frequently then it used to but it still happens. Maybe one day I will talk about this one too.

9. I love dogs, our dog’s name is Whiskey, he loves me unconditionally and gives me a hug everyday when I come home.


10. I decided I was going to be an entrepreneur when I was 13 when I had the epiphany that I made $25/hour cutting lawns for myself and $6.48/hour working for someone else, now I question that decision everyday because there is a lot more to being an entrepreneur than money. I didn’t reach that epiphany until I was about 28, when I learned it the hard way.

11. The movie Cowspiracy is seriously making me consider becoming a vegetarian and possibly vegan. Even though I used to think it was not a healthy way to eat and once told a vegetarian girl I was on a date with that I thought vegetarians were weird. That was our only date, but you probably already knew that. (Don’t sweat it, she was weird anyway)

12. I Care Deeply for my Wife Tiffany, she supports me and puts up with all my crazy antics. We ended up married because we broke up when she moved away to Australia for teachers college. It was the least amount of pressure I ever felt in a relationship. I still scratch my head about how it happened sometimes.

13. I’m Really Afraid of Being Criticized, it’s probably unwarranted but I can’t help it. It was really hard for me to start making videos and posting our blog but in starting I realized this, people won’t ever criticize unless I say something they care about and I’m trying really hard to get people to care.

I have proof read this about 10 times, aka procrastinating posting it. If there are still spelling and grammar errors in it let me know in the comments below, it’s nice to see that you care 🙂

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