Jonathan’s First Guest Appearance on Fit and Vibrant You Podcast

Written by Jonathan

Today’s post is a little bit different and a little bit special, instead of doing a blog post we’re sending out my first guest appearance on someone else podcast, Tanja Shaw is the host of the Fit and Vibrant You Podcast, she is also a Kinesiologist and operates a fitness studio in Chilliwack, British Columbia. I will admit I was a bit nervous but I think it went alright. We talk about building habits and what it takes to build new habits, so if you’re interested in changing something about how you live I highly recommend you listen to it. Tanja also has a lot of other really distinguished guests like Dan John and Audra Baker so I recommend you check out some of her other episodes.

The episode is available on both iTunes and Stitcher Radio. I hope you enjoy it.

Listen on iTunes
Listen on Stitcher Radio
Listen on Tanja’s Fit and Vibrant you Site.

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