What Did I Do Wrong?

Written by Jonathan

Although I try to tie all of my observations and life experiences into something fitness related in my journal here. I don’t know if I will be able to do that this week.

As many of you know we run webinars from time to time. Many of you have in fact watched them and participated in them to some degree. This week we ran our ‘Flat Belly Life’ webinar and I was really excited because we had almost 50 people registered for it, I felt like I had practiced it enough and that it was going to be good, dynamic and we were going to help a lot of people.

Anyways 3 people showed up to watch it and I was crushed, not because it was only 3 people but because 50 had registered and 3 showed up. At first I took this really personally because I put a lot into our webinars, we did a good job promoting it and I am honestly trying to help people make healthy choices and lifestyle changes that actually work for them. It was like a slap in the face – ‘Who are you? You can’t help me! The red imprint of their hand still stings a bit.

Since then I have put some ice on it and it stings a bit less, but it still stings. I have no idea why no one showed up. I could take a few pretty good stabs at it, but this article is too long and I still haven’t said anything useful yet. So here are some conclusions I’m going to draw from it.

1. We can be the best coaches in the world but if someone doesn’t want to show up they can’t be helped.
2. A lot of people still want the silver bullet ‘quick fix’ weight loss
3. Not everything is going to workout the way you want it to but if you are willing to grow, adapt and make changes eventually it will more often then not.

I hope we helped the 3 people that did show up on the call, but I’m not sure because they didn’t fill out the feedback form.

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