If I’m Right Then By Default You’re Wrong

Written by Jonathan

I’m flawed, but shhh don’t tell my parents, they think, I think I’m perfect, something about being a cocky teenager, but that ship sailed years ago and someone forget to tell them I age just like everyone else.

I used to think I had to be ‘right’ all the time, unfortunately that meant you were ‘wrong’ and if you didn’t agree with me you were against me, which inevitably meant we had to be on different teams.

There are many things wrong with this line of thinking, one of the biggest ones being that it stifles your own personal innovation, it means you’re not open to learning, it means not improving once you start doing something or worst of all not even trying new things, for fear of ‘looking bad’, having a disagreement and/or being criticized.

If you truly want to be an all around healthier person you have to be open to growth, you have to try new things, be wrong, admit it and change what you’re doing. Seek outside advice and coaching when necessary to find the right path that works for you whatever that path is.

This week I dare you to try something you’ve never done before, get out of your box and tell me about it and next week I will tell you what I tried.

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