Giving Status Quo the Finger

Written by Jonathan

When we first started Fitness For Freedom things were new and exciting, it was uncharted territory. We started going to events, delivering flyers on our runs, it was new and different, change was in the air, we were making a lot of mistakes but that was okay, we were pumped and crushing it. We met our 5 year goal in 8 months. (We really misjudged the need in our market) we started adding trainers and after 2 years we had 3 trainers then 4. Then it happened, what is ‘it’ you ask, nothing ‘it’ is nothing. Things became old and not exciting. We stopped delivering flyers on our runs, we weren’t going to as many events, we got caught up in the day to day and minutia of operating our business and we paid for it.

We didn’t mean for it to happen, it just sort of ‘happened’. Just like most people’s lives. Sometime’s you don’t intend for things to happen the way they do, they just sort of happen and you live with it that way, but it doesn’t have to be like that. When I retracted Fitness For Freedom back to just me, I made a decision to never stay in one place for too long, to constantly be trying to change, willing to grow and actually growing. Because not changing in the past cost me greatly, monetarily and in my health. I refuse to let that happen again.

Why is change so hard?

It’s because the status quo is comfortable, we love the status quo. Waking up at roughly the same time everyday, eating the same foods at the same time each day, our habits get engrained in us and it becomes like we don’t have a choice, this is how we live, as massive elephants tethered to pegs with the tiniest of ropes and there is no point in changing it. We love being comfortable and change is uncomfortable.

Here’s the thing with change, once you change one aspect of your life you start to change other aspects of your life without even realizing it, sometimes for the better but also sometimes for the worse and that’s what scares us. Except things are rarely and possibly never as bad as we think. That’s why focusing on one thing at a time is so effective, it allows us to evaluate a change and if it’s not working we can try something else instead. On top of this, change perpetuates more change and 100’s of micro changes lead to astronomical huge changes over time.

You have a choice, you always have a choice and that’s why today I challenge you to change one thing. Maybe go to bed earlier, start reading a book instead of watching T.V, have an egg for breakfast instead of cereal, change something and see what happens, feel how uncomfortable it is, I think you’ll find it’s not actually that uncomfortable at all and before long you will crave the change and the more you change the more you will grow and you can finally give your status quo the finger.

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