When a 2 Hour Job Turns Into a 2 Day Job

Written by Jonathan

This was a long and moderately frustrating week, you know when you’re first learning a new skill or you’re not sure how to do something and somehow a task or a job that you think is going to take a few hours turns into a day or two and requires several trips to the store or endless searches on youtube to try and figure out exactly what it is you need to do. Well, that’s how I would describe my week. You see we’re launching this new section onto our online platform that is going to be available for premium users and in this section we’re going to offer online courses that members are going to be able to take and participate in. This course that I finally finished this week (it actually ended up taking two weeks) is How to do 10 push-ups in 10 weeks, I thought I was going to bang this thing out in a day, since I’ve been teaching people how to do push-ups properly for the last 10 years. Like in many things though I was incorrect. These courses will go up much faster now that I’ve figured the system out and can get everyone on the team building the courses they want to build.

Here’s the point to my post today we’ve been working really hard on the backend to get this useful and valuable content ready to go and I want to give you a rundown of everything that is going to be available because I want you to sign up for the NEXT YEAR for FREE. This is what is going to be available in the premium section:

– Bi-weekly Q & A sessions, discussion group style where myself or someone on the team will be available to speak with you and answer your questions. (we are going to increase the frequency of these once we have enough members)
– You can ask us a fitness question and we will answer it for you with our ‘ask a question button’
– Online forums where you can meet and discuss your problems and struggles with other people with the same problems and struggles to offer each other support and strategies
– An Accountabilibuddy program (details to come we will start this in the fall)
– Online Courses we will be offering these individually for $9 to $19 to buy separately but as a premium member you will have access to these as part of your membership.
o 3 Levels of Push-up and Pull-up Courses
o 3 Levels of Core Conditioning Courses
o Healthy Life Posture Course
o Healthy Back Course
o Pre and Post Natal Courses
o Exercising with Cancer Courses
o Obstacle Race Courses

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we currently have planned, there will be much more to come and the earlier you get involved the more say you will get in how we shape the community to suit you. If you’re not already a free member at my.fitnessforfreedom.com go there right now and create a free account then upgrade to a premium account with the code Premium1, that’s it and you will get access to all our premium features for the next year. Side note (these changes are not up yet but will be coming very shortly over the next two weeks) In return we would be grateful if you would share this very post with someone you think would benefit with this membership, this offer will only be good until July 31, 2015 at which point we will begin charging for the membership.

Back to my original story you know those jobs that take way longer than you anticipate and half way through you realize you should have just paid the 100 bucks and let someone else deal with it, instead of going to the store or searching all over youtube to try and find the answer, well this is your chance to have someone else deal with it, you just lay out the questions or the problems you have and we answer your questions and give you the tools to do exactly what it is you want to do, no youtube required. The best part is, it’s not going to cost 100 bucks for you it’s going to be FREE, but only until July 31, 2015.

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