Do You Value Time More Than Money?

Written by Jonathan

About 6 months ago I embarked on a journey. I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing but it was. I came to the realization that the online version of what I was trying to do in our business wasn’t working, it was becoming expensive and it wasn’t/still isn’t easy enough to use or necessarily clear what you would use it for if you just stumbled onto it. (We build exercise programs for you to follow if you were wondering and it’s actually a lot easier to use now than it was 6 months ago)

I started searching for an answer. I discovered podcasting, email marketing, online courses, email auto-responders, lead magnets, affiliate marketing and some pretty sketchy to borderline/definitely unethical ways to do business online. Through that process I learned a ton of useful stuff and I sifted through the good, the bad, and the ugly finding solutions to my problems and then last month I found it.

After 4 months of heavy searching I came across this site called Fizzle and they have all of the stuff I have been looking for and courses that teach everything it took me 4 months to learn. Unfortunately I have already learned most of it the hard way. Here’s my point, if I had found this site 4 months ago I could have learned everything plus more in a few weeks instead of 4 months for $35/month. I value my time at much more than that per hour and I would imagine most people reading this blog would as well.

Why is Fizzle so great?
• I trust them
• They answer all my questions plus more in online courses
• They save me time, which in turn saves me money but more importantly much less aggravation.
• They offer community support
• They offer online consulting once a week where any member can ask them anything

Right now you’re asking yourself, Jonathan why are you telling us this you run a fitness company not a business consulting company?

Because, we are doing the exact same thing for fitness and health.

• We’re creating instructional videos so you don’t have to search on youtube and try and guess if someone is telling you the truth about something fitness related.
• We’re creating programs that solve your problems and are at your level.
• We’re creating motivational and lifestyle courses to help you ‘fit’ fitness into your everyday life.
• We’re building a community of people just like you, to support you and help you live a healthier life.
• We’re offering weekly group calls to help you with your specific problems, I charge people $100/hr to get a consult over the phone, so that by itself should make this worthwhile.

Because you’re reading this right now and we are spending the month of August building some of our content and working some of the kinks out, we want you to join us for FREE for a year.

No Tricks, No Credit Cards all we ask is that you fill out our optional surveys, give us feedback and ask us questions with the button, (that will make sense once you join) so we can create tools that actually help you.
Starting September 1st 2015, the price goes up to $14.99 a month or $125/year and we won’t offer another deal like this ever again.

Here’s what you do.
1. Go to and create a free account, if you’re already a member just log in
2. Click the ‘Become a Premium Member’
3. Enter Promotional Code Premium2

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