The 14th Thing and No One Knows This One

Written by Jonathan

I cannot believe the response we got from our 13 Things Only a Couple of People Know About Me post. Your encouragement and thoughts towards it and us have been overwhelming and for that I thank you. The engagement and reaction we received out of it has given me a lot to think about over the last week and I had no idea we were inspiring so many people to take action.

It was not our most viewed post but it was definitely the most engaging post we have ever released. Which I find interesting for a couple of reasons, but the biggest one being it had almost nothing to do with fitness. I have some ideas about why this happened and going forward our plan will be to implement these changes. We understand in order for us to help you the most our content needs to be interesting, useful, entertaining and new. I’m going to make sure we all work very hard to try and achieve this when we deliver all types of content to you. If you do find a post interesting or useful please share it with someone that you think it would help, they will thank you for it and we would really appreciate it because we are on a mission to help the most people live happier, healthier and longer lives.

Now the 14th thing

I hate running on a treadmill, but I do it because I hate running on ice around cars even more. The only way I can get through it is because I envision myself getting in hockey fights, even though I think fighting has no place in hockey, but don’t worry, I always win.

If you are interested in learning about more strategies to work through your treadmill runs it’s what we covered in Episode 6 of our new podcast that is available in iTunes and Stitcher. All the episodes are under 10 minutes, I think you will find them useful.

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