Tony Robbins Would Charge You $1000 For This Advice

Written by Jonathan

Do you ever look at someone and think ‘Wow, they’ve got it so easy being fit and exercising is so natural for them, they can eat whatever they want and on top of that they never gain a pound. I could never be like them.’

I had to catch myself the other day because I did the exact same thing, except it went like this and was business related ‘Of course they easily run a successful business they have solid positive cash flow and numerous people they can delegate to, to get things done. Business is easy for them.’

The next thing that came to my mind was ‘Wow, how did that thought get into my mind?’ Of course they have positive cash flow and can delegate to get things done.

Let’s take two steps back, when they first started they had a clear objective which was probably ‘What problem am I solving?’ Then they said ‘How am I going to solve this problem?’ Then they said ‘How am I going to tell people that I can solve their problem?’ Then they solved their client’s problem and moved on to find ways to solve that problem for more people.

In the beginning they probably did everything themselves and as they ‘tinkered’ and figured stuff out they created systems that worked. Once they smoothed out that system enough they moved on to the next important system, tinkered with it and then moved on to the next ‘higher level’ system.

Here’s the thing with your life and you probably aren’t even aware of it, you’ve created your own solutions to your problems and they come in the form of habits, a business a system is a ‘habit’ of a company and if you don’t consciously create the system, a system creates itself almost always leading to chaos.

When you look at someone that seems motivated to exercise and live healthfully, they started with the problem they wanted to solve and then consciously created their system around it. Once that problem was conquered they attacked their next problem and created their system or habit to handle it. This is called personal growth and over time has lead to their current situation.

This system they created seems to be effortless because they have been doing it for so long, created it for themselves and more or less ‘mastered’ it. When you decide to make a change and start comparing yourself to other people you have already failed, because you will always be chasing that other person not the ‘better’ version of yourself, even if you have made massive external progress.

I’m sorry, I feel ‘rambly’ now so I will get to my point.

Isolate one of your problems (lack of motivation, over-eating, not exercising, sleep deprivation, over-stress etc.) not all of them.

Acknowledge that this is actually a problem and something you need to change. (This is your first real step to changing)

Now focus on the habits (your system) you need to change to solve your problem, once it’s solved you can move on to your next problem.

It takes time, dedication and yes some planning, but trust me it’s definitely worth it.

This doesn’t just apply to health and fitness you can apply it to anything you want to change in your life.

Side Note – I just saved $1000 you don’t need to go to that Tony Robbins conference anymore. These steps are really all you need.

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